Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes - Eyelight Swatches

Hey everyone! I thought I had already posted this but apparently it has slipped through the cracks. So today I will share with you some sparklies! I do not have a lot of cosmetic glitters so this is almost all of the glitters I own - minus two from Darling Girl which I will have to share with you sometime.

Top- Hollywood, Hot Mess, Little Black Dress
Bottom - Steampunk, Monster Mash


Hot Mess

Little Black Dress

Monster Mash

 Pink Cadillac, Bachelorette, Casino

all swatched over LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base

Top Row - Hollywood, Hot Mess, Little Black Dress
Middle Row - Steampunk, Monster Mash, Pink Cadillac
Bottom Row - Bachelorette, Casino

Some of these are no longer available on the site. But I really do enjoy these glitters. My favorite is probably Hot Mess or Monster Mash. I have not used these for anything really yet. I think I want to do a really sparkly eye for a party, but I never really go to any =[

And remember as always if you like anything you see here, check out the Glamour Doll Eyes website.

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  1. Heh-heh. I never really go to any parties that would require (or even tolerate) the wearing of glitter anywhere on my person either :-) I love looking at it though! Thanks for posting . . .