Friday, October 7, 2011

Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette Swatches

Today I will be reviewing Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra palette. The outside of this palette is the same material as Ludwig and Beethoven but the design is completely different. There is a skull with butterfly wings and lightning bolts. The Logo is in a metallic light blue, while Ludwig and Beethoven were just silver. The back tells you the names of the colors and ingredients, and you still get the two brushes inside.

I decided to pick up this palette because I do not have a lot of blues or grays. I was not going to buy this at first because I was afraid of how dark and intense these colors were. I mostly do nude and natural looks because it is easier for me to experiment without my boyfriend looking at my like I am absolutely insane. But at the same time i was longing for more interesting colors. I have been feeling rather blah about myself lately and thought I deserved to get a little crazy with my makeup (like I was in high school on the random chance that I did wear makeup). So after seeing an amazing sparkly blue eye laurenisokay did, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try out some of these amazing blues.




The colors in the palette are:
(There were no color descriptions from
First Class
Lucifer -also found in Ludwig and Beethoven
Razor Gray - also found in Beethoven
Slayer- cream

First Class is a warm silver. Techno is almost matte blue with silver flecks. Thrasher is blackened iridescent blue. Dagger is a nearly black blue with blue glitter. Lucifer is a dark matte black. Glock is gunmetal gray. Razor Gray is an antique tarnished silver. Slayer is a silver cream eyeshadow.

L->R First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray, Slayer (cream)

First Class, Techno,Thrasher, Dagger

Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray, Slayer (cream)


L->R First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray, Slayer (cream)

First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger

Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray, Slayer (cream)
All were swatched over bare skin -no primer or base.

My favorite colors in the palette are: Techno and Dagger.

The only complaint I have about this palette is the cream color. The actual pigmentation of Slayer is great, but it dries out and is much harder to use. It is still usable, you just need to rub your finger into it very hard to get some. (This is why I did not purchase the Adora palette. It had three cream shadows in it.)

You can get this palette for $24 at Sephora.

Here is a look I did with this palette.

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