Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kat Von D Art Of Elysium - Evelyn Palette

Today I will be reviewing Kat Von D's Art Of Elysium Palette in Evelyn. This palette is the same size as the small palette that you could have received as a 500 points perk at Sephora. The palette is white rubberized plastic like most of the other palettes. It has red flowers on the front.

What is so nice about this palette, and probably the only real reason to buy (because every single color is a repeat) is because of this:

Kat Von D designed this gorgeous palette in collaboration with the Art of Elysium, a charity that provides creative inspiration to children battling serious medical conditions. For the palette's cover, Kat and a teenage girl from named Evelyn created this unique floral design. In the center you'll find Evelyn's flower with the surrounding artwork by Kat. 

Ten percent of the purchase of this palette will benefit The Art of Elysium programs.

from the sephora website




The colors in the palette are:

Enjoy the Silence- Pearlized butter-cream (also found in Saint Palette)
Sand Timer- Pearlized sand (also found in Poetica Palette)
Leather- Matte dark brown (also found in Angeles, Beethoven, and Ludwig Plalettes)
Tijuana- Brown black with gold sparkle (also found in Tattoo Chronicles Vol I and Poetica Palettes)

Enjoy the Silence is the Silence is a shimmery vanilla. Sand Timer is pinky champagne sand. Leather is matte chocolate brown. Tijuana is a blackened brown with gold sparkle.

 Top: Enjoy the Silence, Sand Timer
Bottom: Leather, Tijuana

 Top: Enjoy the Silence, Sand Timer
Bottom: Leather, Tijuana

Top: Enjoy the Silence, Sand Timer
Bottom: Leather, Tijuana 
All were swatched over bare skin -no primer or base.

My favorite color in the palette is: Tijuana -love that glitter

All of the colors in this palette are winners. They are perfect for a neutral eye and I could see this being really nice to travel with. Much more travel friendly than the UD Naked palette. Also because there are only four shadows in this, it would make doing makeup on vacation a snap because they all go together and there are no unnecessary colors to try to work with.

You can pick this palette up for $20 at Sephora.

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  1. Do you still have this palette? I would def purchase if you do , I've been looking everywhere for it. This and starstruck are the only ones I need to have everyone she's made lol