Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kat Von D Ludwig Palette Review And Swatches

Today is the start of my Kat Von D Reviews/Swatches. I thought I would start with these because I just received her three newest palettes: Poetica, Sinner, and Saint. I am starting this series of reviews with the Ludwig palette.

The outside of the palette is best described as a rubberized matte black plastic. There is a silver rose design on the front with the brands logo in the middle and there is a sticker on the back with the names of the shadows and a list of ingredients. Once you open it you are greeted with a mirror, eight shadows and two sad little double ended brushes. I have only used these brushes once successfully. I find them to be rather useless.


The colors in the palette are:

Lucifer (Matte Charcoal Black)
Orbi (Golden Green Shimmer)
Dimebag (Metallic Lime Green)
Tequila (Metallic Cornsilk Shimmer)
Clay (Beige with Gold Glitter)
Downtown (Metallic Light Copper Shimmer)
Baroque (Golden Bronze Shimmer)
Leather (Deep Chocolate Brown Sheen)

L->R Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag, Tequila, Clay, Downtown, Baroque, Leather

 Indoors Only Sunlight
Top: Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag Tequila
Bottom: Clay, Downtown, Baroque, Leather

 In Light Box
Top: Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag, Tequila
Bottom: Clay, Downtown, Baroque, Leather

 Lucifer is a dark matte black. Orbi is a metallic army green with gold undertones. Dimebag is a metallic lemon lime green. Tequila is a shimmery pearl color. Clay is a nude with gold glitter. Downtown is a metallic pinky brown. Baroque is a beautiful bronze shimmer. Leather is a deep chocolate brown matte.

I find all of these colors to be wearable, and while they may not necessarily be unique to most, if you are starting out in make up I feel these colors are a great deal. I do not have a large collection as I started getting into make up just recently and I do not think I have any dupes for these colors. I am sure as my collection grows these colors may become less unique, but I think the buttery texture and remembrance of just getting started will keep these close to my heart.

This was my first palette from Kat Von D. I was truly impressed. I was so in love with the beautiful browns and texture that I decided right then and there that I had to get my hands on every single palette I could. As of right now I have all of the palettes except for three: Adora, Memento Mori, and Gypsy. The last two are hard to find, and I have almost every color in the Adora palette so I did not think I should purchase that one. I also felt that the colors in the Adora palette were probably too dark for me to use for most days.

You can pick this palette up for $34 at Sephora.

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