Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kat Von D Rock N Roll Palette

Today I will be doing a quick review of Kat Von D's Rock N Roll palette. This was a 500 point perk from Sephora. This palette is about half the size of the normal palettes. It is made out of the same rubberized plastic. On the front the design is of beads, skulls and lightning bolts. There are four shadows in the palette. They are:

Believer - glitter
Confessional - pearl
Groupie- pearl
Motorhead- glitter

Believer is a very glittery shiny white. Confessional is a pearly beige. Groupie is a pearly dark purple. Motorhead is a glittery dark gray.




 L -> R Believer, Confessional, Groupie, Motorhead


Top: Believer, Confessional
Bottom: Groupie, Motorhead
All were swatched bare with no primer

My Favorite color is probably Groupie.

The colors are nice and simple but the texture of most of these stink. If you have the patience to work with these colors, this could be a very nice to-go palette.

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