Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kat Von D Angeles Palette

Today I will be reviewing Kat Von D's Angeles palette. The outside of this palette is the same material as all of the other palettes; the only difference is the palette is white this time instead of black. The design on the front is a bunch of decorative crosses. The Logo is in a metallic teal. The back tells you the names of the colors and ingredients, and you still get the two brushes inside.


  The colors in the palette are:

Venus (Shimmery Bronze)
Leather (Matte Dark Chocolate Brown) -as seen in Ludwig and Beethoven
Specimen (Pearly Medium Brown)
Rehab (Pearly Beige)
Peggy (Pearly Turquoise)
Bukowski (Pearly Aqua)
Bellbottom (Pearly Slate Blue)
Morphine- cream (Iridescent White)

Venus is a pearly bronze. Leather is a beautiful chocolate brown. Specimen is a shimmery brown that flashes a pinky gold. Rehab is a pinky champagne brown. Peggy is bright green leaning blue. Bukowski is a bight pearly aqua. Bellbottom is a slightly purple leaning dirty gray blue. Morphine, the only cream in the palette, is a light iridescent blueish-purple. 

 L ->R Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab, Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine (c)

 Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab

 Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine (c)


 Top:  Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab
Bottom:  Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine (c)

 Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab

Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine (c)
 All were swatched over bare skin -no primer or base.

My favorite colors in the palette are: Venus, Specimen, Rehab and Bukowski.

I do not know how often I will use the blues in the palette as I am not sure if they will look good with my skin tone and eye color. I will have to play around with them and see how I can fit them into my range of colors.

You can pick this palette up for $15 at Sephora.

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