Friday, April 13, 2012

MAC Swatches - (I Broke My No-Buy, Time To Get Back On The Wagon)

Now is the time to have a serious heart to heart, kinda. By now you may have found out - and I feel quite guilty about it - that I have totally smashed my 100 day no-buy. I was doing really well, making a list of everything I liked. Then all of a sudden *BAM* I was overcome with this urge to purchase stuff. I was not feeling well emotionally. I have been quite stressed lately and I wasn't dealing with life well. I take full responsibility for my actions, and am trying to correct them.

I wanted to be honesty with everyone who reads my blog. Reading some blogs can get you do. It seems like everyone is so perfect and happy. Always. That is just not the case. Everyone has good and bad days. Bad habits and wonderful success. I don't blame people for only wanting to share the good. But sometimes, it is better to be honest to your readers, your friends, instead of ignoring a big part of your day, life, self. This is why I feel that I -HAVE- to share this with you. When all my packages arrive I will probably do a collective haul or something. Some things will be from before the no-buy. (I promise I didn't go -that- crazy)

But today, with all of that behind me, my credit card hidden, and a plan to fix and start saving again I want to share with you my first ever MAC purchase. I had been lusting over a few of this for a long time and just cracked and went out immediatly to see them in person, and subsequently take them home with me. I went in with a limit of 100$. I refused to spend anymore than that. I did good. I came out 60$ poorer and 4 lipsticks richer. I picked up:

Viva Glam Nicki - bright yellow pink
Watch Me Simmer - bright pink-orange
Impassioned - amped-up fuchsia
Vegas Volt - full power coral

Viva Glam Nicki

Watch Me Simmer


Vegas Volt

swatched over bare skin

Viva Glam Nicki, Watch Me Simmer, Impassioned, Vegas Volt

I am overall happy with my purchase. I am not sure if Nicki looks good on me, but I am ok with that because the money goes to a good cause. I really like Vegas Volt. I am pretty sure that OCC Lip Tar in Grandma is a dupe. Impassioned is a very pretty color and I think I may have a dupe for that as well. I wanted Watch Me Simmer from the MAC COOK, MAC SHOP(?) collection and missed out so I scooped it up this time.

Top- OCC Trollop
Middle- WNW Pinkerbell, MAC Nicki, MAC Watch Me Simmer, NYX Haute Melon, MAC Impassioned,
NYX Haute Melon, MAC Vegas Volt, OCC Grandma
Bottom- WNW Don't Blink Pink

What do you think of the colors I chose? Have you ever just kinda lost your mind when it comes to purchases?


  1. I don't look great with lipstick, but I would be willing to give these colors a shot. I love the bright shades.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Go for Vegas Volt, or OCC Lip Tar in Grandma. You can't go wrong with either of those!

  2. Dont worry lovely you will still have spent less than you would have if you hadn't tried at all. Great lipstick choices btw. I love the niki one but I think Vagas is beautiful too x

    1. I was doing really well until after Easter. Apparently the end of Lent means -TIME GO TO CRAZYYYYY- I am back on the bandwagon now and will hopefully make it to July without too many more hiccups. (seeing as I already bought the airbrush system I was going to use a reward. I felt I needed as much time as possible to get it right for the wedding. It is exactly one year from today!)

  3. I'm always so hesitant to share the "bad" on my blog because of what you said - everyone always seems so perfect and happy and I'm like, "Why not me?" and, "They will all probably think differently of me." So I tend to keep it light and loose on the blog and tuck all the bad shit away - that's when I go all ghost and disappear for a couple of days (or weeks, like recently). But you're right - it's good to share.. and honestly, it's a little comforting to know that I'm not the only one out there having a bad fucking day! Lol. So thank you for being so open and honest! ;) Now.. those lipsticks! Nice! I've been seeing Vegas Volt all over the place and just recently added it to my wish list. You picked some great colors, they all look so pretty on you!

  4. I'm really glad you did this. I'm one of those people who hates to show anyone my weaknesses. I try to be perfect to the outside world when in reality I'm anything but. That's why sometimes I don't shy away from posting my no-makeup face on my blog, or revealing that I usually do my makeup at home and then don't go anywhere lol. I know this isn't "normal" behavior but for crap's sake, everyone is different!! I don't know when humans will finally get that into our skulls. We can't BE perfect, it's just not possible. Anyway... thanks for sharing these swatches! I've always wanted to try a Mac lipstick but so far it hasn't been in the cards for me yet. Someday :) I love all the colors you chose, they are all ones I would definitely pick for myself! I probably would have gotten Russian Red in addition though, lol. Anyway, thank you again for sharing the good and bad, and don't worry because I know you will get back on the wagon again! It's not about failing really.. you can always go back to it.<3
    And btw, i think Nicki looks good on you! Everything looks good on you :)