Thursday, April 12, 2012

Black And White Nail Art Challenge

I love a challenge. I may not always succeed, but I love having something to shoot for. I have been seeing tons of challenges on blogs lately so I decided to try it out myself. I chose this one because it seems like I could do most of these without any serious issues. I also thought this would be a great way to introduce more nail art and nail polish swatch content for the blog. Yay! (Then maybe I will try the 31 day nail art challenge. Depending on my success with this one.)

What do you think about these challenges? Do you like them or find them to be lame?
Do they help you get out of a creativity rut?
Will you try to do this with me and all the other bloggers working through it? It will be fun, I promise!


  1. ohh its sounds good. :] I'm looking forwardto seeing what you do x

  2. I like watching other bloggers do nail challenges but I usually lose interest within the first couple of days when I try to do them myself. I have two challenges that I never finished from last year.. I've stopped trying to convince myself that if I start a new one, I WILL finish it (yeah right!) Lol.