Thursday, December 22, 2011

OCC Lip Tars Swatches

Yes I finally gave in and ordered some to see what all the hubbub was about. It took me just about forever do decide which lip tars I wanted to try. There are so many amazing choices, but eventually I picked out five relatively wearable colors to try out. The five lip tars that I chose are: 

Feathered- pure, opaque white
Hush- fleshy, natural pink
Grandma- clean and classic true coral
Queen- intense, nearly-neon red/pink
Anime- intense, no holds-barred neon pink

Top- Feathered, Hush. Grandma
Bottom- Anime, Queen
Top- Feathered, Hush. Grandma
Bottom- Anime, Queen






All done over bare skin - and no lip liner

Top- Feathered, Hush. Grandma
Bottom- Queen, Anime

After testing these out I was totally hooked. I have recently become obsessed with lip and face products. This is totally unfamiliar territory for me, so when something is so easy to use I can't help but say, "YES PLEASE! I WANT THEM ALL!" Quite obviously I would not wear feathered on its own, I purposely bought it to use when mixing lip tars. I absolutely love Grandma. I can wear this color everyday and not get sick of it or look out of place. I also really like Queen but my Fiance does not. He says I look weird because it is too bright. Personally I really like bright lip colors on very pale skin. To each his own. :)

What do you think of OCC Lip Tars? Do you own any? Which is your favorite?
What kind of lip colors do you like to wear?

Also, do you like how I did the swatches, any suggestions on how to make it better?

Check out part two here! Or part three here!
OCC Lip Tars are available for $13 on their website.


  1. I think the swatches are good! Queen looks great on you! I have samples of Queen and Anime from a friend, I've only tried Anime so far but I really liked it. The only thing I had a problem with was my lips were dry even though I put on balm first, so they looked kind of flaky after a while. I need to find a way around that, lol. Otherwise I love them. Looking forward to the rest of your swatches! :)

  2. Wow! Hush and Anime are my favorites.. they're soo pretty! Thanks for the swatches.. these just got added to my wishlist!

    I really like your swatch set up and think that Grandma definitely looks the best on you.

    How do these feel on the lip? Are they at all sticky? Do they ever "set" or do they stay a creamy/"wet" on your lips?

  3. @Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー I try not to wear these if my lips are kind of chapped. It really seems to accentuate that =/

    @WitchHazel these do "set." I would say it is similar to the way that a gloss' sticky-ness will fade away so does the wet feeling from these, although you probably will not notice much; you use a verrrrrry small amount to cover your lips. They dry down matte rather quickly but just make sure to not go around kissing faces for a while, you will leave a mark. Also some of the darker or more intense colors will stain. I do not mind this but thought I should warn you.

  4. Thanks Jess! I don't mind staining as much as I mind stickiness so that's really good to know. Super useful info because now I definitely want some of these in my collection! ;)