Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OCC Lip Tars - Passionately Pink Box Set Swatches

Yes it is finally time for another installment of OCC lip tar swatches! I have another box set to share with you, this time they are all pinks. I would have to say this is one of the most wearable sets I have seen. Personally I would not wear Tone by itself, but depending on your mood or skin tone, you may be able to get away with it. The Five colors I have swatched for you today are:

Tone- slightly greyed mauve/pink
Narcissus- creamy, lavender-toned pink
Pageant- rich, blue-based pink
Pretty Boy- rich, saturated fuchsia
Strumpet- seedless grape red

Top- Tone, Narcissus
Bottom- Pageant, Pretty Boy, Strumpet
 Top- Tone, Narcissus
Bottom- Pageant, Pretty Boy, Strumpet



 Pretty Boy


All done over bare skin - and no lip liner

Top- Tone, Narcissus
Bottom- Pageant, Pretty Boy, Strumpet

Tone and Narcissus I am not in love with. I will probably use them more for mixing than just wearing. I think they look funny with my skin tone. Maybe if I mix them together I will have a nude wearable pink that doesn't look so crazy? Pageant is beautiful. I had seen swatches around and knew I had to have it.  I could see this being a fun everyday kind of color. Its not too bright and it certainly isn't dull. I would say this would be perfect for a day that needs brightening when the everyday hustle-bustle brings you down. Pretty Boy was everything I expected it to be and honesty, I like it better than Anime which was a color I just wanted to love but I only just like it. I was pleasantly surprised with strumpet. Online it looked like it was going to be more purple, and I was just not digging that. But after swatching it I may be in love.

Out of these lip tars I would recommend Pageant and Strumpet. I think they would work well with anyone's coloring and they are not too out there. You could wear them to work, school, out to dinner, to meet the parents, its endless!

What do you think of these colors? Do you think you could wear Tone or Narcissus alone?
Have you ever been surprised about a color like I was with strumpet?

If you missed part 1 check it out here! Or take a look at part 2 here! Here's part 4!

OCC Lip Tars are available for $13 on their website.   


  1. Dying for some OCC Lip Tars even more now! I love Narcissus, I would totally wear that alone. Tone on the other hand, not so much...looks like you're dead, eek! I like the way you put together your photos, looks really good.

  2. @Amanda Lehrke thanks. I feel like there is too much of my face and I wasn't sure if anyone else thought so!

    @Melissa I think everyone should have a color like Strumpet!

  3. I was these more and more with ever post you put up! Narcissus was actually the first one to jump out at me, but I can pull off outrageous pinks like that (or at least in my head I believe I can lol). I don't think I'd wear tone on its own, it's way, way too light for me. Great swatches!

  4. @WitchHazel I really wanted to love Narcissus, and my love of NARS Schiap shows I am not afraid of bright colors, this pink just didn't do it for me. I think it is because it is so light, like pastel maybe? I liked how it looked in other people's swatches, I guess it just doesn't work with my coloring. :(

  5. Ah, bummer! It's always such a let down when something looks amazing on others but doesn't work for you. It's happened to me so many times.