Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette Swatches and Review

Since I finally finished my series of swatches of OCC lip tars, I thought it would be nice to start off my next post with swatches of something new. I do, but I do not, like this palette. I will get to those thoughts after the swatches. I will also be posting two looks from this palette in the next few days. (Here is a look with the purples and pinks.)

This palette is designed like the newer Poetica, Sinner, and Saint palettes. The palette itself is made of metal, and has an embossed design on the front. The back has the same sticker that all the other palettes have telling you the names of the shadows and what the ingredients are. Also like the other palettes, this one comes with an eyeliner pencil instead of the two dinky brushes like the old palettes did. The colors in this palette are:

Swan Song- iridescent pearl
Marya- pearl soft pink       
No Regrets- hot pink purple sparkle 
Drama For Yo Mama- iridescent purple
Mad Max- matte sky blue
Dublin- shimmery kelly green
Sparklehorse- shimmery gold
Altruism- shimmery vanilla
Wonderchild- electric blue





Autograph Eyeliner Pencil in Wonderchild

All swatched over bare skin - no primer

Top- Swan Song, Marya, No Regrets, Drama For Yo Mama
Bottom- Mad Max, Dublin, Sparklehorse, Altruism

Autograph Eyeliner Pencil in Wonderchild

I will start by saying this palette is not horrible, I just don't like it. When I saw it on the Sephora website, I thought it would be amazing! Online it looks so bright and I just had to have it. When I received it in the mail and swatched it, I was disappointed. The shadows are much more pastel than they look. That does not mean they are not nice colors, just not what I was expecting or wanted. I do really like Mad Max (mostly because I love the movies) and Swan Song (which I am pretty sure it is a dupe for Urban Decay's Urban Glow Cream Highlighter in Moonshine). I did also like the color of Wonderchild (although personally I do not find it to be and electric blue) but you cannot buy just the eyeliner, it is only available in the palette.The more matte shadows are a little chalky and not as nice as Leather from her other palettes, for example. I also wish the "hot pink" was actually hot pink and not so red.

I do not think that the colors are really -that- original after I swatched them. A lot of brands have similar shades and I would recommend that you buy singles of the shades you like from an indie company instead of paying 36$ for this palette. I would also recommend if you are interested in some bright matte colors and shimmery pinks and yellows, take a look at the ELF 144 palette.

The one thing I do like about this palette is that it is completely different from the rest of her palettes and there are no repeat colors at all this time. It does not lend itself to creating only a dark smokey eye like almost every other palette. Every color is bright and youthful, great for a fun look to go out. The direction the line could go in from here could be quite nice. If the shadows were more pigmented and true to the color in the pan, I think another palette like this could possibly be a winner.

I did not like the holiday palette this year and I am not a fan of this one. If I am not a fan of the next offering from Kat Von D, I may stop purchasing these palettes. In closing, if you like the swatches or like to collect Kat Von D palettes I do not see why you could not buy this, otherwise, stay away from this one.

What do you think of this palette? Do you collect KVD palettes?
Would you wear any of the colors in this?
Were you somewhat disappointed by the colors this time around or do you love them?

You can purchase this from Sephora for $36

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