Sunday, December 18, 2011

ELF Holiday Essential Holiday Beauty Eye Books Swatches

This is my last set of ELF holiday products from the Target haul. Today I want to share with you swatches from their beauty books in Natural Eye and Everyday Eye. I think these could make a great gifts under the tree or stocking stuffers for teens or someone just getting into makeup. They come with 12 coordinating colors as well as an eyeliner pencil and some instructions. This would be great to travel with as well!

First up is the Everyday Eye Book

 And here are photos of the Natural Eye Book

You can get them at ELF's website for $5 or at Target for $4 Natural Eye or Everyday Eye


  1. Did you swatch these over a primer? I'm honestly surprised that these swatched so well, I wasn't expecting such pay off for this brand, how was the quality? I might pick one palette up for myself!

  2. @Beauty on a College budget these are all swatched over bare skin, no primer. I almost always swatch without primer to show the pigmentation of a shadow better. I feel that most of the ELF products I have purchased recently are of amazing quality and totally worth the money. I only sometimes have problems with the matte shadows, but not all of them. I feel that these are on par with some of the bigger brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced.

  3. I usually don't have too much luck with their eyeshadows. I find a lot of their stuff is either a miss or a regular in my makeup routine, like I seriously could not live without their all over color sticks. Best things ever!

    But I think after hearing what you said that I might pick the natural eye palette up for a few of the younger cousins for christmas. One last questions though, was the shadows chalky?

  4. I'm with Beauty on a College budget - ELF products are either complete WTF misses for me or total necessities. The cool thing about ELF is, when something is a miss I don't get heartbroken over it because of their price point. When I first found this brand I literally gave away 50% of the products I bought, just figuring out what was good and what was bad.

    I really like that neutral palette as well.. 2nd row, 2nd shadow kind of looks like Half Baked at a glance!