Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too Faced Series - Smokey Eye Shadow Collection

Here goes installment number four of the Too Faced series!

swatched over bare skin - no primer

Top - (Day) Firefly, Cloves, Up in Smoke
Middle - (Classic) White Lie, Nice Ash, Smokin Hot
Bottom - (Fashion) In a Flash, Smoking Jacket, Smolder

I am somewhat intimidated by this palette. Honestly I have only really used it once, and I was tired and not as confident as I am not with using darker colors. I will definitely have to try it again. I love Smoking Jacket and Smokin Hot. I really think this is a great mix of colors for a sexy smokey eye that would work on most everyone.

What do you think of these colors? Do you like to do a dark smokey eye?

Everyday is an adventure.


  1. Is this the "new" Smoky Eye palette? I'm trying to remember what colors are in the one I have, but I believe it's the old one. Honestly I was let down by my palette bc I've loved everything I've tried from TF but the shadows in that palette just seemed so under-pigmented and hard to apply/blend (and I have a lot of confidence and experience with using dark colors). I used mine like twice and never touched it again.. glad I only paid like $15 for it ;[

    I LOVE these swatches, but after that experience I'm kind of worried about buying another one of these "_______ Eye" palettes from TF.