Monday, June 25, 2012

Femme Fatal Cosmetics - Swatches

After seeing swatches on a blog, I feel in love with Desecration and HAD TO HAVE IT! So I checked out their site to see what other pretty colors they may have and ended up placing an large order. The good news is all of this cost me about $20 for all the new pretties to play with not to mention surprisingly fast shipping! I got:

Divinity - a lovely pale pink eye shadow with a sublt orange duochrome finish
Sunfire - a sweet peachy pink with coral tones and a striking copper gold shine
Poison - a vivid chartreuse green eye shadow with a scattering of golden shimmer
Hallowed Ground - a pale asparagus green with stunning red shimmer 
Shadow Dance - a cool grey with bluish undertones and a scattering of subtle blue and pink sparkles
Starcaller - a light periwinkle blue highlighted by a pinkish red shimmer, and violet and red sparkles
Dreamstate - an Egyptian blue with dazzling blue sparkles and color shifting shimmer which alternates between purple and blue depending on the angle of the light
Frostfire - a strong azure blue with teal undertones, Frostfire has a soft reddish shine and a scattering of pink and golden sparkles
Space Cow - a soft lavender eye shadow tinged with grey and highlighted by a muted reddish pink shimmer
Haunt - a vibrant royal purple eye shadow with a soft red duochrome finish
Wrath Baby - an electric Majorelle blue with a hint of violet, Wrath Baby eye shadow also has a scattering of subtle blue and purple shimmer
Exorcism - a medium toned purple with a stunning color shifting shimmer with alternates between a complimentary purple and a sea green depending on the angle of the light
Spirit Bond - a deep midnight blue with strong purple undertones and a shimmery golden finish
Jinx - a pigmented mid purple with blue undertones and a warm tone(copper/red) duochrome finish
Desecration - is striking bright green shimmer over a base mixed of cool grey, subtle brown and pearly purple tones
Spirit Bond - a deep midnight blue with strong purple undertones and a shimmery golden finish
Smokebomb - a black based eye shadow with color shifting shimmer and copper sparks
Unholy - a black based eye shadow with a color shifting shimmer

Dispersion - a deep mulberry with bold teal blue shimmers
Incantation - a burgundy based eye shadow with a scattering of pink sparkles
Heroic - a soft copper-tinged peach based shadow, highlighted by an incredible golden shimmer

Divinity, Sunfire

Poison, Hallowed Ground, Shadow Dance

Star Caller, Dreamstate, Frostfire

Space Cow, Haunt, Wrath Baby, Exorcism

Spirit Bond, Jinx, Desecration

Spirit Bond, Smokebomb, Unholy

Dispersion, Incantation, Heroic

I literally just realized I ordered two of spirit bond. Oops. Good thing I really like it! If you were to ask what my favorite was, I am not sure I would be able to pick. These are all very unique colors. The are pigmented and complex and shimmery and everyone could find something they love. I am excited to try some of the darker ones and see how they hold up with a bunch of blending. If I don't like it, I will say this now, they will make for an amazing liner.

What do you think of these colors? Do you have a favorite Femme Fatale color?

Everyday is an adventure.


  1. super swatches love your review !

  2. I love these colours, especially the top 2.

  3. Holy cow! These are freaking beautiful! I don't think there is one here I'm not IN LOVE with! :D Thanks for sharing your beautiful swatches!

  4. Awesome swatches! Those shadows look gorgeous!

  5. Great swatches, there's not one here I don't like or think is "meh."

  6. Wow these look gorgeous! I am totally interested in almost all these colors.. I've never investigated this company but I must check them out. I love the names too ;)