Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fyrinnae Swatches

I finally decided on what I wanted to try so I FINALLY ordered from Fyrinnae. I picked five shades that I thought I would really love. I hate to say this, but I was not completely in love with everything I received. Everyone always talked about how wonderful everything was, I really only loved half of my order. Maybe I didn't order the right things? Opinion? on to the photos!

Top - Picture It: Sicily, Sugar Skulls, Candy Coated(free sample)
Bottom - Pumpkinfire, Orangutan, Te Amo

Top - Picture It: Sicily, Sugar Skulls, Candy Coated (free sample)
Bottom - Pumpkinfire, Orangutan, Te Amo

Top - Picture It: Sicily, Sugar Skulls, Candy Coated(free sample)
Bottom - Pumpkinfire, Orangutan, Te Amo

Picture it: Sicily

Sugar Skulls

Candy Coated (free sample)



Te Amo

swatched over bare skin - no primer

Picture it: Sicily, Sugar Skulls, Candy Coated (free sample)

Pumpkinfire, Orangutan, Te Amo

I am in love with orangutan and I am sure I will love pumpkinfire over a sticky base, but mostly Te Amo! After seeing Lily use it here, I knew I just had to have it. It was the most amazingly interestingly complex neutral color you could possibly own! I am not really all the impressed with Sugar Skulls in person. It looked nice on their site, but it just doesn't do anything for me. I am really dissapointed with my lack of love for Picture it: Sicily. I saw swatches and looks using it everywhere and love it. As soon as I got it, it was like meh. My biggest dissapointment was Candy Coated the free sample I received. I know I shouldn't complain about a free sample, but it just wasn't amazing to me. It wasn't really unique to me, as I am sure I have two similar colors, and it really is not a color I would wear often.

What are your thoughts on these colors? 
Do you think they hype build up made it so I was so let down or did I just not order the right eye shadows? Suggestions?

Everyday is an adventure.


  1. I don't think the colors are let downs in terms of pigmentation or their over-all quality. If the colors applied unevenly, or they lacked pigmentation, etc, then I would say it's a product issue and to talk to Fyrinnae.

    Another thought is I think as consumers we need to take responsibility for our purchase choices. There are a lot of colors I have bought in the past from companies that left me less-than-excited, but it wasn't because the product was bad at all, it was because I didn't like how the product looked on me and my skin tone/personal taste. So it wasn't anything on the company, it was just personal preference. I suppose if you want to, you can always contact the company and see what your options are?

    Overall, in the end the most you can do is learn what colors you like. If you are trying to chose colors, find someone who has a similar skin tone to you who has purchased from them in the past and get their suggestions. Look up swatches of them. Etc etc etc.

    As for me personally, I literally own a bag full of Fyrinnae eyeshadows, and not every single one has been my *favorite*, but none have really disappointed me in terms of their individual qualiy... they are definitely beautiful eyeshadows and I hold on to them because I know I will find ways to use them in the future. But I also know not everyone is a shadow hoarder like me :-)

    1. The quality of the shadows really is amazing. They are easy to work with and are very pigmented. I just feel like the colors were not what I had expected. There is nothing wrong with Fyrinnae, it was all me. (its not you it me kinda thing) I was just always under the assumption that every color was just *amazing* I have never heard of anyone not really being a fan of any shade. I am sure I will hoard these like all the others in hopes that one day I will happen to need such a color.

  2. I've heard nothing but hype about Fyrinnae, but for some reason I am not interested in purchasing any of their products. Te Amo is really a gorgeous color (my favorite of the bunch) but it doesn't make me want to place an order. I think the 2nd set of swatches you did are the hits of your order, I would have personally been disappointed with Sicily, Sugar Skulls and Candy Coated. Great swatches though! ;)

  3. First off, lovely swatches! :) I do love Fyrinnae but I must confess they are so hyped up that I think most expect magical things to happen when they apply their eyeshadow and when it doesn't, it is kind of a let down. I do think their eyeshadows are gorgeous and the lip lustres are very nice but I don't think I could just buy from Fyrinnae for the rest of me life :)

    And Te Amo is so gorgeous, one of my all time favorites and Pumpkinfire is awesome as an eyeliner when used wet.

  4. wow great picks :)do check my blog may be we follow each others

  5. I think you should try some other colors as you did get a number which are similar.