Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NOTD - 1/11/15

I finally got around to painting my nails again. I don't think I have given them any thought since, oh a week or two before Christmas. I originally thought about doing a kelly green, but then like always green turns into mint which turns into a light minty blue and then I just NEED some sparkle and tada! today's nails were born.

I used -
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Zoya Wednesday
ORLY Halley's Comet
OPI Top Coat

I was trying to be clever and so I failed a little because I was so impatient. I was thinking that I wanted to try the triangle look that leighannsays was rocking for a long time and so I grabbed some tape and immediately pulled up some of the nail polish when removing the tape because I didn't wait long enough for it to completely dry.

I did some touch ups here and there and I think this was passable.
What's on your nails?

Everyday is an adventure.

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