Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Darling Girl Mishmash of Swatches

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. Finally the week is half over! Today I want to share with you the last few swatches from my last purchase with Darling Girl Cosmetics. Don't worry though because I have a ton more Darling Girl swatches to share with you (lip products)!
Versilia - is a beautiful, neutral, peachy/pink pearl with subtle, silvery-blue iridescence.
Jeweled Taupe - is an amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it.
Bonne Nuit -  is a gorgeous, matte base with a touch of soft violet sheen.
Scarecrow - is so much cooler than my pics can show. Applied dry, it looks like a dark base with a fiery shimmer of gold and copper, but when foiled or wetlined, it morphs into a rich, coppery brown with copper and gold sparkles.
Dark Heart - is a blackened violet on a metallic burgundy base shot with blue and pink sparkle.
Socialite - is a rich royal blue with strong turquoise flash.  It looks amazing over a black base or eyeliner, as the turquoise really comes to life.
Sparklers at Dusk - is a smokey, blue taupe with subtle orange interference.
Wood Sprite - is such a pretty, plummy taupe with red/orange flashes and golden green "diamond dust" sparkle. (Diamond Dust eye shadows are made with a super-lustrous glitter that shines like, well... diamonds. Pictures cannot do them justice.)
Spellbound - deep charcoal gray with with copper shift and pink sparkles.
Helter Skelter - Is it grey? Is it green?  Is it brown?  No it's taupe, with gold iridescence and a sprinkling of pink sparkles.

 Versilia, Jeweled Taupe, Bonne Nuit, Scarecrow, Dark Heart
Socialite, Sparklers at Dusk, Wood Sprite, Spellbound, Helter Skelter


 Jeweled Taupe

Bonne Nuit


Dark Heart


Sparklers at Dusk

Wood Sprite


Helter Skelter

swatched over bare skin - no base

Versilia, Jeweled Taupe, Bonne Nuit, Scarecrow, Dark Heart

Socialite, Sparklers at Dusk, Wood Sprite, Spellbound, Helter Skelter

 Socialite - look at how pretty this is!

Out of all of these pretty colors, my favorites would have to be, Scarecrow, Dark Heart and Socialite. They are very unique very pretty colors. I surprisingly did not just totally love Jeweled Taupe. It's nice, but it is just not my color. So many people raved about it but it just isn't as amazing as some of the other shadows Darling Girl has to offer. I can see Scarecrow getting a lot of use this fall.

What colors do you like best? Do you have any of them?
How would you pair these colors together? I am thinking I need to do Bonne Nuit, Scarecrow and Dark Heart together very soon.

  Everyday is an adventure.


  1. OMG Sparklers At Dusk and Dark Heart. Just OMG. *swoons*

  2. I have the same favorites, especially scarecrow! I have jeweled taupe, it's gorgeous :)